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Laugh Time :) July 6, 2008

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Once More…

A person during a music performance sang a song. Audience shouted in one voice “Once More”. He sang the same song for the second time. Again “Once More”, the audience repeated. The musician with full of joy asked the audience, “I will sing once again but i want to know the reason for your asking the same song again and again”.

One person from the audience shouted “till you improve your singing, we will be asking you to sing the same song once more”. 🙂 🙂


I am not beating my wife…

Wife – “Why do you go the the balcony when I sing? Don;t you like to hear my singing?”

Husband – “It is not that darling. I want the neighbours to know that i am not beating my wife.” :))


Get Something Imported…

The surgeon was discussing a forthcoming operation with a wealthy patient. “Would you prefer a local anaesthetic?” he Inquired.

“I can afford the best”, replied the patient, “Get something imported” :))


Whenever You Make Mistakes…

Editor – Do you wish to apply for a job of proof-reader?

Applicant – Yes, Sir.

Editor – Do you the the requirements of such a job?

Applicant – Yes sir, Whenever you make any mistakes, just blame them on me and i will keep quite.” :))


Keep Smiling 🙂 Always 6 inch smile on face…