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Story – A Loving Son & His Hasty Mother… July 10, 2008

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Vidha was a poor woman. She prepared and sold snakes. Alex was her only son. He loves his mother very deeply. Whenever Vidha was sick, Alex avoided school and nursed his mother. His love for his mother was so great that he could not live without her even for a day.

One day vidha gave alex ten bucks to buy a text book. Alex went to school as usual but did not return home in the evening. vidha was very much worried. When she was about to go in search of him, a close friend of alex came and her that alex did not attend the shcool. On hearing this vidha was surprised and upset. She went in search of alex but could not find him anywhere.

Alex returned home late in the night very much tired with a parcel in his hands. Vidha, who was already worrid, became very angry and impatient. Alex wanted to explain something to his mother. But vidha did not allow him to speak. She took a cane and beat alex severely. He was helpless. He fell on the ground, wept and wept till he was asleep.

Vidha could not sleep. She felt very sad for beating alex without mercy. She was hurt when she remembered that alex slept without taking food.

Next morning when vidha was doing worship, alex approached her quietly and said in a feeble voice : “mother, pardon me for not attending school. I know you are sick and youhave no money for treatment. You have spent all your saving on my education”.

Vidha listened with kindness and attention. Alex continued, ” My friend gave me an old text book. With the ten bucks you gave me, I bought balloons and sold them throughout the day in the beach. I earned twenty bucks and I bought medicines, bread and fruits for you. Kindly forgive me”. Vidha was shocked and surprised. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she embraced alex and said, “My dear alex, I behaved very rudely. I never understood your love for me. Through you are my son, you have to pardon me for my harsh and hasty behaviour.” Alex too was in tears. He was happy that his mother understood him and blessed him.

MORAL : Be patient to know the truth.