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Laugh – Today’s Laughter Dose… July 26, 2008

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When It Is Repeated

Assistant: Sir, You have paid me $10 less in my salary this month.

Manager: I know. But last month when I gave you $10 extra, you did not complain.

Assistant: True. But I can over-look mistake once but when it is repeated, I have to bring it to your notice :))


She Came Here To See You

“Do you believe in life after death?” an employer asked his office assistant.

“Yes, Sir”, was the reply.

“Then everything is in order.ย  After you had gone to your grandmother’s funeral yesterday, She came here to see you”.


My Son’s Letters

“My son’s letters always send me to the dictionary. It is difficult to undersstand the language the boys uses”, said one father.

“You are lucky”, said another, “My son’s letters always send me to the bank”.


Any More Books By The Same Author

A woman to the library assistant: “I found a $100 note in this book. Have you any more books by same author?” ๐Ÿ˜€


Except The Horn

Ramesh: How is the Second hand card you bought last month?

Mahadev: Everything makes sound, except the horn,


Life Funda : Avoid Arguments… July 13, 2008

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What is most useless things in our life??? ARGUMENT this is one interaction that always arouses opposition, and rarely secures co-operation.

There is a story about a man who asked to see a good wool suit, in a clothing store. The clerk produced a suit, the customer examined it and said, ‘This looks good, but it does not look like wool to me. I do not belives it is wool.”

‘But you liked it?” inquired the salesman.

“Yes, I like it all right, but do not think it is wool.”

“Shall I wrap it up for you?”

“Sure, I guess I will take it.”

After the package wrapped, the man said, “tell me, why you did not argue with me when I told you it was not wool? As a matter of fact, I believe it is wool.’

“Well’, said the salesman, taking his money. “you see, if I win the argumentย  I lose the sale, so what is the use?”


Laugh Time :) July 6, 2008

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Once More…

A person during a music performance sang a song. Audience shouted in one voice “Once More”. He sang the same song for the second time. Again “Once More”, the audience repeated. The musician with full of joy asked the audience, “I will sing once again but i want to know the reason for your asking the same song again and again”.

One person from the audience shouted “till you improve your singing, we will be asking you to sing the same song once more”. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


I am not beating my wife…

Wife – “Why do you go the the balcony when I sing? Don;t you like to hear my singing?”

Husband – “It is not that darling. I want the neighbours to know that i am not beating my wife.” :))


Get Something Imported…

The surgeon was discussing a forthcoming operation with a wealthy patient. “Would you prefer a local anaesthetic?” he Inquired.

“I can afford the best”, replied the patient, “Get something imported” :))


Whenever You Make Mistakes…

Editor – Do you wish to apply for a job of proof-reader?

Applicant – Yes, Sir.

Editor – Do you the the requirements of such a job?

Applicant – Yes sir, Whenever you make any mistakes, just blame them on me and i will keep quite.” :))


Keep Smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ Always 6 inch smile on face…