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Laugh – Today’s Laughter Dose… July 26, 2008

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When It Is Repeated

Assistant: Sir, You have paid me $10 less in my salary this month.

Manager: I know. But last month when I gave you $10 extra, you did not complain.

Assistant: True. But I can over-look mistake once but when it is repeated, I have to bring it to your notice :))


She Came Here To See You

“Do you believe in life after death?” an employer asked his office assistant.

“Yes, Sir”, was the reply.

“Then everything is in order.  After you had gone to your grandmother’s funeral yesterday, She came here to see you”.


My Son’s Letters

“My son’s letters always send me to the dictionary. It is difficult to undersstand the language the boys uses”, said one father.

“You are lucky”, said another, “My son’s letters always send me to the bank”.


Any More Books By The Same Author

A woman to the library assistant: “I found a $100 note in this book. Have you any more books by same author?” 😀


Except The Horn

Ramesh: How is the Second hand card you bought last month?

Mahadev: Everything makes sound, except the horn,


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