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Life Funda : Avoid Arguments… July 13, 2008

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What is most useless things in our life??? ARGUMENT this is one interaction that always arouses opposition, and rarely secures co-operation.

There is a story about a man who asked to see a good wool suit, in a clothing store. The clerk produced a suit, the customer examined it and said, ‘This looks good, but it does not look like wool to me. I do not belives it is wool.”

‘But you liked it?” inquired the salesman.

“Yes, I like it all right, but do not think it is wool.”

“Shall I wrap it up for you?”

“Sure, I guess I will take it.”

After the package wrapped, the man said, “tell me, why you did not argue with me when I told you it was not wool? As a matter of fact, I believe it is wool.’

“Well’, said the salesman, taking his money. “you see, if I win the argument  I lose the sale, so what is the use?”


One Response to “Life Funda : Avoid Arguments…”

  1. meenu Says:

    Nice story and i think true for life.

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